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Rescued Threads was birthed out of one artist's desire to live simply and holistically. Combining green living with the awareness that cotton is being genetically modified, MHaub committed to using only preexisting fabric in her work. Each piece by Rescued Threads is made by hand using recycled, repurposed, reused materials and fabrics. Supplies may come from thrift stores, garage sales, donations or may be remnants and scraps from other projects. Pieces are available locally. For more information, please email rescuedthreads@gmail.com

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elves Faire Launch

It's official! Rescued Threads can be found--for the first time ever!--at Linden Waldorf School's Elves Faire on Saturday, November 6, in the Elves Den festival shop! More information here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preparing to Launch

I've begun gathering stock for a November Faire. I await official word, but until then, here is a sampling of what's available.

Pumpkins in Threes 
T-Shirt Yarn Bangles (Large)

T-Shirt Yarn Bangles (Medium)

Repurposed Yarn + Embroidered Bangles (Medium)

Repurposed Yarn + Vintage Button (Coffee) Cuffs

T-Shirt Yarn + Vintage Button Brooches

Repurposed Yarn + Embroidered Bangle (Large)

T-Shirt Yarn + Vintage Button Brooch

Repurposed Yarn + Vintage Button Flowery Bracelets

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sneak Peek: Rescued Yarn + T-Shirt Yarn

Vintage buttons and yarn rescued from a thrifted afghan are crocheted into bangle bracelets and cuffs. Old t-shirts are rescued, snipped and stretched into yarn. Next, the yarn is crocheted into flowers or hand-stitched into spirals, then vintage buttons and pin backs leftover from previous projects are sewn in place.

Pieces of Rescued Threads have begun to make appearances in public. I hope to officially launch at a local event in November. Keep checking here for developments!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Introducing Rescued Threads

Welcome to Rescued Threads! Here you'll find the commercial work of artist MHaub as it develops. Rescued Threads features pieces constructed from recycled, repurposed and reused fabrics. These may come from thrift stores, donations or garage sales, or they may be remnants and scraps from other projects. Pieces are available locally. Watch this site for further information! Thanks!

Supplies from the thrift store:  canvases, linens, yarn and fabric